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Sigh! Will She Ever Learn?

I really do worry about San sometimes. It’s a good job she has such an understanding cat for her Master. Any other feline would have washed their hands of her by now.

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Sleeping Buddies… Or Not?

I often find Kitty and Mojo sleeping together like this.  I don’t know if Kitty actually likes having the warm dog next to (and on top of) her or if she’s just too lazy to move.



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You’ve seen the Exorcist…

Let me introduce you to Lucky, who’d make a great possessed cat for the feline version of the Exorcist (aptly named the Exorcat). Regan the cat. Wonder if she spews split pea soup and spins her head 360 degrees?



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The Revenge Cat’s Diary

I do not wear little hats. I do not wear little bows. And I certainly do not want videos of me posted on YouTube where millions of people can laugh at my obvious displeasure with wearing little hats and bows.

 The humans are laughing now. Let’s see if they’re still laughing once they’ve realized I’ve thrown up my entire dinner on their white couch.

 Revenge is mine.

 Until next time…

 revenge_cat1The Revenge Cat

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Grumpy Cat


Here’s one for those who’re fans of both the “Grumpy Cat” meme and “The Big Bang Theory.”


soft kitty warm kitty

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