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Sleeping Buddies… Or Not?

I often find Kitty and Mojo sleeping together like this.  I don’t know if Kitty actually likes having the warm dog next to (and on top of) her or if she’s just too lazy to move.



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You’ve seen the Exorcist…

Let me introduce you to Lucky, who’d make a great possessed cat for the feline version of the Exorcist (aptly named the Exorcat). Regan the cat. Wonder if she spews split pea soup and spins her head 360 degrees?



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Grumpy Cat


Here’s one for those who’re fans of both the “Grumpy Cat” meme and “The Big Bang Theory.”


soft kitty warm kitty

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The cat’s worst nightmare…



If you have a mixed-pet household, then you’ve seen this look before.  Sheer terror.  Just pet the cat on the head and assure her that she’ll still rule the kingdom. Or let her take a big hit off her catnip. She’ll be okay.

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